Crop Storage Structure (Godown)

Crop Storage Structure (Godown)

AGR-2 Chief Minister's Crop Storage Structure Scheme

 Dated  05/08/2021  To  Until 05/09/2021

App. Race and app. 20 per cent of the total cost or Rs. 50,000 (fifty thousand) whichever is less

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    A structure of minimum 30 square feet area should be constructed. The center height of the structure should be 18 feet, while the minimum foundation should be more than 2 feet below the ground and plinth should be at least 2 feet above the ground. However, considering the local situation, the minimum height should not be less than 10 feet. Structures less than this height will not be allowed for assistance. PCC will have to be paved in masonry work and flooring from foundation to plinth as well as in revolving walls. The roof should be made of corrugated galvanized sheet / cement sheet / pipe. A roof with RCC can be made at the expensa of the beneficiary. 200 sq. Km. Construction smaller than 1 sq. Ft. Will not be allowed for assistance under the scheme. Foot pre-fabricated structure of concrete will also be considered valid. The farmer will be able to construct a larger flexible structure at his own cost than the minimum specification.

Possible target of the state for the year 21-7: 40600

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