Shravan 2021: Start of Shravan Mass from today, devotees have to do darshan with Korona guidelines

    'Neither Punyam nor Papam nor Sokhyam nor Dukhman mantras nor Tirtham nor Veda nor Yajna. Ahn bhojanam naiv bhaujyamn bhokta. Chindananda Rup: ​​Shivoham, Shivoham ... 'Lord Shankar is very dear and the festival of Tap-Jap-Utsav is going to start from today. Ghodapur of devotees will gather at Shivalayo till Shravani-Amas on September 4. Coincidentally, this time Shravan Mass will start from Monday and will end on Monday. In the month of Shravan, a heli of festivals like Janmashtami will be created on Sunday 9th August and on 30th August.

        Shravan Mass is another opportunity to be blessed by making life Shivamaya. Anero Thanganat is among the devotees to entertain Bholanath by worshiping and adoring him. Shravan Mass is the best Mass for Shiva worship. Many devotees perform Shravan Mass through fasting-ektana. Karnamukteshwar, the city deity of Ahmedabad, on the occasion of Shravan Mass,Special arrangements have been made in Shiva temples including Chakudia Mahadev, Kamnath Mahadev, Sivananda Ashram on the occasion of Shravan Mass. Rudrabhishek and Laghurrudra will be recited in the ancient Karnamukteshwar temple outside the Sarangpur gate.

     However, special vigilance has been maintained in Shiva temples following the Koro epidemic. As a part of which, in some Shiva temples of Ahmedabad, it has been decided not to allow devotees to enter the sanctum sanctorum. In some temples, only devotees who have taken the first dose of the vaccine have decided to enter the sanctum sanctorum. In many temples, devotees are also forbidden to offer bills, offer flowers and perform anointings. Special arrangements have been made for the devotees to perform darshan with Kovid guidelines.These include rules for visiting devotees to wear masks, maintain social distance, have their temperature checked, do not touch the railing of the temple, and do not stop anywhere in the temple premises after the darshan.

     Seconds of devotees have arrived on Sunday night to pay homage to Jyotirlinga Somnath. Apart from this, a large number of devotees will also gather at Jyotirlinga Nageshwar near Dwarka. A large number of devotees have also arrived from Gujarat for darshan on the first day of Mahakal's Shravan month in Ujjain.

Planning at Jyotirlinga Somnath

      Mahapujan from 9-15 in the morning. Aarti at 9 o'clock in the morning. Swalaksh Bilvarchan at 7-8 in the morning. Rudrapaath, Mrityunjaya Paath recorded by the pilgrims at 9 in the morning. 11 a.m. Mahapuja, Mahadugdha Abhishek. Aarti at 12 noon. Evening 4 to 6 Shrungar Darshan-Dipmala. Aarti at 7 pm.

     Visitation hours on Mondays and festivals are 8 to 9-30 in the morning, 6-30 to 11-30, 12-30 to 6-30 in the afternoon, 6-30 to 10 in the evening. On other days 8-30 to 7-30 in the morning, 9-30 to 11-30, 12-30 to 7-30, 4-30 to 10 in the afternoon.

     Worship including online admission pass, puja ritual, flag hoisting, swalaksh bilva puja can be registered on the temple's website.

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     Those who register for the online puja ritual will be made to perform the puja ritual at home from the Zoom app.

    Every devotee has to follow the guidelines of Korona.

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