SBI launches new feature, know what will benefit you?

SBI launches new feature, know what will benefit you? 

State Bank of India (SBI) has introduced a new security feature. Which will make your transaction secure. You will also be protected from cyber fraud. This new feature is called SIM Binding.

The previous system was that the login ID and password obtained from SBI or the login-password created by oneself was used to login to SBI Yono. But with the convenience of SIM binding, the whole method of login has changed. In this feature, first you have to verify the SIM with the mobile number. Only then will your YONO app work. The SBI YONO app has to be installed in the same handset in which your registered number is running.

SIM binding is a completely security feature that has been introduced keeping in mind the safety of the customers. In this, Yono app automatically verifies your SIM. If your mobile number is not registered with SBI and you are running YONO app on the same number then YONO will be downloaded but SIM will not be able to verify. If more than one account is registered on the same mobile number, then the same number has to be entered in YONO on which the YONO application is to be run. As well as the date of birth must be entered.


SBI's Yono and Yono Lite One app mobile phones will work with the basic rule of 'One User-One RMN'. That is, with a registered mobile number, you will only be able to run one Yono app.

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