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All Gujarat Village HD Map On your Mobile

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Satellite and street maps of villages in India, data provided by Google maps database.

While land surveys are being carried out in the state except for the village level under the National Land Record Modernization Program, in the final phase, land maps of only 168 villages in the district have been made available online.  Further action has been taken by the office in disposing of the objection petitions after giving notice to the landholders due to the change in the area of ​​the account holders at the present stage in the previous land records.

This is the first time since independence that the government has carried out a modern method of land surveying following the changes that took place in the next one and a half hundred years when land was measured using the indigenous method before 1905.  According to the contract given to a private company, the men of the company re-surveyed the land with old record maps and equipment including cameras, but after the re-survey, some farmers are happy with the change in land area, survey number, account number and map of total landholders across the district.  Some have gone red.  In fact, since the previous land measurement was done by the native method, the area measurement was not accurate, but the current measurement area has fluctuated by five per cent.  ..In Research8

Land survey:

A total of 134,185 farmers from 5 talukas had filed objections in two years, citing reasons including loss of their land in the new survey.  Many farmers have re-submitted their objections even though the Tantra has conducted village-to-village camps and conducted objections hearing.

Box: If the 6th Sarpanch refuses, then the records of Suraj village do not match

Land survey of 605 villages across the district has been completed while 13 villages are pending due to various reasons.  The 6th sarpanch has opposed the five per cent increase in farmers' land during the land survey and denied the land survey net, while in Suraj village of Becharaji taluka, the land record could not be measured.

A Gujarat government poll has been opened by a farmer named Palbhai Ambalia of Dwarka with the help of Google Map of the Internet.  The size of his farms and the new measure prepared by the government seem quite different.  The map of his farm prepared by the government by searching his farm map on Google is completely different.  He was shocked to see this scam and all the farmers in his village were shocked when they compared the Google map of other farmers' farms and the government map.  The government maps of all the farmers were completely wrong.

All Gujarat Village HD Map On your Mobile


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