Know Your Farmer Scheme: The Farmer Will Be Able To Buy The Mobile

The scheme will be prepared under the Central Government’s Know Your Farmer Scheme. In this scheme, the farmer has to buy a smartphone up to Rs 15,000 as per his choice. Applications for this will be invited on i-portal.

If more than one lakh applications are received, it will be drawn and the farmer who will be selected in the draw will be given a mobile phone. The credit for the mobile will be provided by the co-operative bank and its installments will have to be paid by the farmer, but the interest will be Rs. 1500 will be borne by the government. After purchasing the mobile, the bill has to be submitted to the VLC in the gram panchayat.

Know Your Farmer Plan

  • The government will now provide smart phones to 1 lakh farmers to collect data,
  • Get a loan for 15 thousand phones,
  • The interest will be paid by the government
  • Farmers will get crop, subsidy, weather information

Know Your Farmer Scheme: It is difficult to get personal information of a farmer if required. So each farmer will have an account based on his mobile number. All the details of the farmer will be maintained in this account. Whenever any information is required, the account will be prepared on the basis of smart phone so that he can get it directly from the agriculture department immediately. How many farmers planted which crop, how many farmers got subsidy and how many did not, smart things will be given for immediate access to many things like crop oriented, weather message.

How to apply?

The application has to be made online at I khedut Portal.

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