Effective way to remove Udhai from home

 It is not common for wood to get infected in hot weather. Wooden furniture, trees,

Plants, yards and even clothes have become affected by the rash. To get caught up in this

Makes it bad This is because of the moisture. Non-furnished furnitures are usually available in the market

And there are many other medicines also available, which can be applied in the outbreak area of ​​Udhai so that

Udhai can be missed. But today we will show you such an easy home remedy which

Will remove the outbreak of Udhai from your home.

Now you can get rid of udhai in a pinch for free, know the exact and effective remedy.

Orange Oil

You can easily find orange oil in the market. Contains li chenna element, which is any

The ant helps Manko to kill Dr. There is a lot of effort in killing insects like Udhai.


If there is udhai in common sense and can put normal in heat, then it is not easy to get rid of udhai.

Boric Powder

You must have heard about boriche powder, this powder is very sticky. In this, there is a chem tomorrow

Tires up the nervous system of Udhai. You need one teaspoon of boric powder in a glass of water.

Mixing should be filled in a spray bottle bottom. This spray should be used only where it is present.

be. You should not use this spray after one day and not for 5-6 times in a day.

Want to use You can also apply this spray with a brush.

Poppy Oil

Poppy seed oil is very fragrant. If the wood is found in the wooden furniture, then you have to

Khus oil or perfume should be used to get rid of the pain. With the help of poppy seed oil, you

Can kill insects. Even if there is an outbreak of flowering plants in your house, then you

You can get rid of udhai by sprinkling and sprinkling poppy oil.

Salt Mass

Salt not only enhances the taste of eating, but it is also used in cleaning the house.

Salt kills bacteria. If you sprinkle salt on Udhai, Udhai will die. it you

It can be made by dissolving salt in water. After soaking in salt, keep it at the place where you are waiting.

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